Which is the Most Immigrant Friendly Nation for Africans

A survey In 2011, estimated that about 7 million residents in Europe are of African descent. There are over 1 million asylum applicants originating from the sub- Saharan Africa region and according to Pew Research Center analysis of data from Eurostat on asylum.

Nigeria has the highest number of migrants in Europe with over 390,000 migrants between 2010 and 2017. Below is a list of countries with less aggression to migrants of African descent.


Germany operates all-inclusive governance, so there is scarce data on racial diversity. The number of black people living in Hamburg and Berlin is impressive, however, the number of people of Africa descent living in Germany is estimated to be over 1 million according to a survey by the UN.

Germany’s robust economy, friendly economic policies, diverse culture and high standard of living is a lure for thousands of immigrants seeking residency.


According to a Harvard University study, Serbia ranks as the least racist country, despite their aggressive chants during football matches. The study is based on 288,000 white Europeans interviewed on implicit bias.

Residents of African descent enjoy most benefits as other residents, hence assimilation of immigrants is relatively easy.

The Serbs have a strong resentment towards people who hail from countries that had a hand in the Yugoslavia bombing in 1999 and the United States. But the residents of African descent have had relative peace, however, Serbs have strong enthusiasm for football and their rivalry is not because of the colour of your skin but the beautiful game of football.


Netherland is one of the countries with strong anti-racism policies, and one of the most populous countries in Europe.

Everyone is treated equally regardless of the colour of your skin or ethnicity. The Netherland is a major destination for immigrants, students and tourist, with so many Dutch citizens of African descent.

Immigration is crucial to the economy as various immigrants have impacted positively to the economy through their various expertise.

The Netherland is considered a safe place to live, work and raise a family because of the low crime rate and employment opportunities that abound.


France is one of the few countries that has implemented policies to protect people of colour from unguarded racist utterances and behaviours,  and these policies to an extent have reduced racist tensions considerably. Residents of African descent in France is estimated to be above 980,000.

France is a multicultural society, and the assimilation of immigrants is relatively easier when compared to other European countries.

France’s economy is one of the strongest in the world and employment opportunities abound.

France is a major destination for tourist, immigrants, investors and international students. The beautiful scenery, rich cultures and lovely cuisines are some of the attraction to France.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom citizens are far less racist and do not discriminate based on the colour of your skin, and an estimated 1.27 million people from the Sub-Saharan African region are residents, thus making the United Kingdom one of the countries that accommodates the largest number of black people in Europe.

The United Kingdom has one of the strongest economies in the world, with world-class health care service, beautiful tourist attractions, ample employment opportunities and a high standard of living.

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