Top Canada Cities to get a Job

Canada offers plenty of opportunities for qualified job seekers as a lot of cities are hiring. Employment opportunities are one of the many reasons immigrants throng Canada borders yearly and the latest BMO’s regional market reports have given us an idea of where to look.

The ranking factors are based on robust job growth, population inflows, house prices and rental rates and low unemployment rates.

Many people erroneously think that the best place to find jobs in Canada is in big cities,  Immigrants who settle in provinces such as Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan enjoy a higher rate of Canadian employment than immigrants who decides to settle in other provinces and territories.

These cities enjoy a high standard of living and the lowest unemployment rates in the country over the past several years.

Toronto, ON: Toronto is the most populous city Canada, with 50% of the population beign immigrants. Since 2010 the average median income in Toronto has seen a steady increase with a low unemployment rate. However, Toronto is expensive to live in, but with secured and available employment opportunities you are right in the heart of the action.

Vancouver, B.C: Vancouver has one of the mildest climate in Canada with a diverse population. Vancouver has the largest population in British Columbia with a rapidly growing economy. Vancouver is a major destination for Chinese (44 per cent) and South Asian (24%) immigrants.

Additionally, Vancouver offers an impressive outdoor lifestyle, affordable tranportation and housing which is a lure for immigrants.

Richmond Hill, Ontario: Richmond Hill has one of the highest employment rates in the province, with a booming real estate industry plus smaller business employing a handful of people, with a low crime rate Richmond Hill is considered one of the safest place to live and work in Canada. However, the housing is not the most affordable.

Markham,ON: Markham is located north of Toronto and is accessible from Toronto by highway or transit. Markham features a high employment rate with a growing economy supported by numerous hi-tech companies. Markham has a high volume of immigrant settlers with the Chinese topping the list closely followed by South Asians and Black communities.

Saanich, B.C: Saanich is a culturally diversed territory with an impressive employment rate among the immigrant population, additionally, the median household income of the immigrant population is considerably high. Despite the increased crime rate in the past four years, the territory remains a safe place to live and work.

Ottawa: The city boasts of the highest median income in all of Canada and the housing prices is decidedly affordable despite the recent hike. The wave of federal government hiring help set the economy in motion according to the BMO reports.

Quebec City: The city of Quebec has recorded an incredible low employment rate at 3.6% throughout the country through the first half of the year.

Calgary, AB: Calgary is a large metropolitan with a diverse economy ranging from transportation, financial services, logistics, energy and technology. Calgary is a major destination for mechanics, engineers, miners and business proffesionals and the city is fairly affordable with increase in rental property availability.

West Vancouver, B.C: The unemployment rate in Vancouver is considerably low with strong presence of real estate and professional services. The average household income in Vancouver is high while 44% of the total population are immigrants. The Chinese, West Asians and Koreans making the largest group.

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