Top 5 Countries You Should Consider Moving to

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task, from finding the right neighbourhood and healthcare facilities and to leisure activities. However, with the right information, the complex process could be simplified.

Moving to another country is a big decision and several factors must be considered before making the right choice such as job security, ease of settling in and better quality of life.

Based on the aforementioned criteria, the following countries are perfect should you consider moving to a new country.


According to the latest reports, Australia comfortably sits at the top spot in the family life index rankings, thanks to the availability of childcare and education. Australia’s education is one of the best in the world and the low crime rate makes it a destination hub for immigrants. Australia’s economy has been on the positive trends for decades, giving investors and entrepreneurs the much-needed confidence and security.


Denmark has a zero tolerance for discrimination and decisions are a collective agreement. Denmark is famed for its upright democracy and promotion of gender equality, excellent healthcare, childcare and exceptional educational system. Low crime rates and a high standard of living are some of the reasons immigrants annually throng the Danish border. Additionally, the work-life balance is great in Denmark, 8 am to 4 pm is the full-time working hours, which gives enough time for other leisure activities.


The high standard of living, personal freedom and better employment opportunities, low crime rate, and free primary healthcare in Canada make it another favourite destination hub for immigrants.

Canada is a multicultural society making assimilation easier for immigrants, coupled with the scenery, cuisine and various outdoor activities that makes you feel at home.

Despite the high tax rates, and cold weather residents and visitors are happy in Canada.


According to the Happiness Index of 2018, Finland is the happiest and safest country to live in. Finland is a great place to raise a family not just for the quality education offered or social support but for the freedom.

The low crime rate, beautiful tourist attractions and eco-friendly environment make it a destination hub for tourist and immigrants.

Despite not being an English speaking country, the English language is used nationwide.


Over the years, Norway has become an excellent destination for immigrants and tourists alike. Norway is known for its high standard of living and the Norwegian culture is deeply rooted in family, where most Norwegian employers offer at least five weeks of holiday to employees on full-time contract.

The Norwegian educational sector is not only quality based but inexpensive, and the graduate employability rate is high.

The outdoor lifestyle is another major attraction in Norwar. There are lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and camping, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery Norway offers.

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