Requirements For Getting Canada VISA

Canada is an amazing country to live in and a major destination for worldwide tourist, international students and investors, and yearly the Canadian immigration authorities grant visas to thousands of immigrants with different immigration objectives.

Canada is ranked highly due to the following contributing factors high standard of a living, robust economy, friendly immigration policies, diverse society, and mesmerizing landscape.

Entering Canada requires a permit which legalizes your stay (Visa) whatever your immigration objectives.

There are various visa categories to suit every immigration objectives, so it is very important to know the visa that is right for you. You cannot expect to be gainfully employed under a visitor’s visa no matter your expertise, doing so is a breach of your obligations.

Visa application is an onerous process if you do not understand how things work, but armed with the right information, the complex the process could be simplified.

This guide will arm you with the requirements you need to satisfy in order to get your visa application approved with less hassle.

Applying For A Canadian Visa

Canada visa application is simplified, you can either apply online
or offline by submitting the application form at the Embassy or
Consulate in your home country. After paying the required visa fees, you can schedule for the visa interview. When attending the
interview you are expected to come along with all relevant

Basic Canada Visa Requirements

The first consideration of every prospective immigrant to Canada
is knowing the purpose of their travel whether it is for tourism,
studies, work or business purposes as this will have an impact on
your visa approval.

The following documents are the basic documents required by the
Canadian immigration authority to ascertain your visa application.

Visa Application: This is one of the most basic requirements you need to get visa approval. Filling this form requires your complete sincerity and attention to details to avoid avoidable costly mistakes that could ruin your chances. You can choose to fill the form online or offline.

Passport: Ensure the validity of your passport is still current if it will expire before 6 months from the date of your return, your application is likely to be rejected by the Canadian Embassy. Also, your passport must have at least two blank pages to mark your entry and departure from Canada. Your passport should be submitted alongside your visa application.

Recent Passports: You are required to provide  two recent passport-sized photographs that meet the international passports specification.

Application Fees: The cost of the visa application vary, depending on the country you are applying from, the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay. Failure to pay the required fees will see your visa application rejected.

Financial Proof: If you do not have sufficient funds to cater for your needs your application will be rejected. Having sufficient funds is a major requirement during visa application, so ensure you have sufficient funds. You will need your income tax returns and bank statement as proof of payment.

Travel Itenerary: You have to submit your travel itenerary along with your application form, this is to assure the embassy that yopu intend to return to your home country after the expiration of your visa.

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