Migrating to Australia: How To Get Your Work Visa In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are visiting Australia for vacation or you plan to move there permanently, you are required by law to get a visa before you can enter the country. Anyone without a visa may be refused entry and detained until their identity is confirmed. However, you can avoid this inconvenience by making sure your visa and other travel documents are in order before you begin your journey to the land of OZ. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection handles visa process in Australia.

This article will highlight the steps of obtaining an Australian Work Visa in 5 easy steps.

Check The Skilled Occupation List

The demand for skilled workforce in Australia is on a steady increase and if you are applying for any type of work visa you must choose from Australia’s skilled occupation list that describes your speciality. The following are regarded as skilled occupations:

  • Construction workers
  • engineers
  • nurses
  • accountants
  • physicians
  • medical assistants
  • medical specialist
  • lawyers and
  • architects.

Submitting Your Expression of Interest

The Australian government have provided an online service called SkillSelect where foreign skilled workers can indicate their interest in migrating to Australia by providing relevant information about their skills and work experience.

The Skillselect platform does not charge for submission of Expression of interest.

Before you submit your Expression of Interest through Skillselect, ensure you satisfy the following:

  • Skillselect is a centralized database where both the Australian government and employer, state or territory can find your profile and nominate you for a visa if you qualify.
  • Since different types of visas have different eligibility requirements, you should review the types of visas before you submit your EOI and make sure you’re expressing interest only in types of visas for which you are eligible.
  • Using SkillSelect is mandatory for certain types of visas such as the skilled-independent and skilled-nominated visas
  • If you are invited to apply for a skilled migration visa, you have 60 days from the date of your invitation.
  • You must satisfy the English language requirement by demonstrating displaying test results.

Enrol For A Skill Assessment

As part of the visa application, some skilled occupation requires a skills assessment. You will be charged a fee by the assessing authorities for the relevant tests if your occupation requires an assessment.

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations collects and analyzes statistics to classify workers and occupations. Australia uses the ANZSCO system as the standard by which your skills will be assessed if you are applying for a visa that requires a skills assessment.
ANZSCO standards dictate the minimum skill level required for a visa to work in the country at a particular skilled occupation.

Finding a Sponsor

You must either be sponsored by an Australian government entity or an Australian employer for certain types of visas. Skillselect can aid you to find an Australian sponsor, ensure the details you provide are accurate.

Submitting Your Application

This is the final stage after completing your application along with all the necessary required documents and the required fee.

Note: Depending on the duration and type of work, the fees for working visa can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

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