Is New Zealand Good For Immigrants.

New Zealand is rated the 13th best country to live in according to a survey by the US news and world report, the report is based on the following criteria such as economic stability, employment opportunities and income equality. The survey is the opinion of more than 21,000 experts as well as members of the public.

Immigration is vital to the economy of New Zealand as well as its beautiful culture prompting thousands of immigrants thronging the border.

Economic growth is dependent on the size of the workforce, without a strong workforce the economy will struggle to maintain pace, hence the need for economic immigrants.

New Zealand has benefited immensely from the diversity offered by the infusion of immigrants from different cultures and background, making assimilation relatively easy and a hotspot for people of a different culture to stay together.

It is a known fact that New Zealand is densely populated with an ageing population of native-born, and the demand for skilled and qualified immigrants to come live and work in New Zealand is increasing.

New Zealand offers several pathways to permanent residency ranging from skilled migration to family sponsorship visa streams, and there are numerous employment opportunities for skilled immigrants who satisfy the eligibility criteria.

New Zealand focuses on foreign skilled workers to fill some occupations in demand.

New Zealand immigration selection is point based and candidates are expected to score at least 100 points to become eligible for permanent residency, and the selection criteria are based on the following factors namely educational qualifications, age, valid job offer, work experience, and known connection in the country.

Immigration in New Zealand has made a significant difference to the social structure, financial stability, economic well-being and intellectual capacity. Immigrants who migrate to New Zealand arrive with new skills, culture and a strong motivation for success.

Recently it was confirmed that every immigrant contributes over NZ$2500 to the national economy while resident citizens contribute about NZ$500, this proves that immigrants are the backbone of the economy.

There is a great acceptance of immigrants in workplace and schools, however, housing is reported to be expensive, this is not an immigrant-only problem, even native New Zealanders have the same problem.

If your stay in New Zealand is legal, you will have access to a lot of basic social amenities like medicals and transportation services.

One of the beauty of becoming a permanent resident in New Zealand is the incredible opportunity of entering Australia freely, you do not require a visa to live and work in Australia once you are a permanent resident in New Zealand.

New Zealand offers beautiful tourist and wildlife attractions for fun seekers, coupled with events hosted all year round, fun never stops in New Zealand

The influx of economic migrants is poised to augment the slow moving demographic crisis facing the country.

However, the recent immigration policies are cutting back on too many family reunion especially with regards to older parents. The policies are meant to prevent an overflow in medical waitlists and care. On the whole immigration is important for New Zealand and the different categories for entry are just right.

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