How Favorable Is US.A To Immigrants

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants with a long history of integrating people from all over the world. The economic impact of immigrants into the American society is enormous as immigration has expanded economic opportunities, increased general productivity through entrepreneurship and innovation, enriched its culture and helped enhanced its influence in the world.

It is interesting to note that 1 out of every 5 Americans is either first-class or second-class generation immigrants.

Through the various immigration streams, immigrants through their various skills, work experience and occupation have considerably strengthened the US economy by providing their expertise that is in short supply.

The United States of America is a multicultural country hence the assimilation of immigrants no matter your background is relatively easier as the immigration is geared towards luring economic immigrants to build a stronger US economy.

Interesting Facts About Immigration You Should Know

  • The United States of America is a land of Liberty and Strong defender of Human Rights, this singular fact has lured Millions of immigrants from all over the world over the years. The inflow of immigrants has helped cushion the effect of labour shortage which could impact on the economy negatively, without immigration the economy will be less productive.
  • Immigrants increase the general productivity of America by providing skills in short supply which is a major factor for economic expansion. Investors and entrepreneurs love a dynamic economy and their contribution has significantly increased the GDP of the economy.
  • Immigrants are mostly credited for the major American invention and innovation whether it is a corner shop or high-tech start-up. More than half of start-up companies valued more than $1 billion in 2016 were founded by immigrants. Additionally, more than 40% of 500 fortune companies were also founded by immigrants.
  • Immigrants have helped slowed the ratio of retirees to workers which has kept the US economy at the forefront of the global economy.
  • Contrary to popular opinion that immigrants have caused a higher unemployment rate among Americans or depress average wages, immigrants complement the American work-force
  • Immigrants have paid more taxes over their lifetime than they consume in government benefits. Immigrants with higher-skills are especially beneficial to government finance. The 2017 National Academy of Sciences report states an immigrant who arrives in the United States at 25 years with a college degree will pay over $514,000 over his life more in taxes than the benefits they consume. 


Immigrating To The United States

Recently the immigration system is becoming more stringent, however, with the right information the complex process could be simplified.

Immigrants who wish to enter into the United States must first procure a Visa which legalizes their stay. knowing the right visa for you shoud be the first consideration of every prospective immigrants, and there are several ways to immigrate to the United States.

Family Based immigration

US citizens and legal residents can sponsor their spouse or fiances, relative and unmarried children into the United States through the Family-based immigration stream.

Work Visas

Foreign workers with specialized skills can get sponsorship from a US employer.

Visa Lottery

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a goverment sponsored program that randomly gives out thousands of visas to people citizens of countries with fewer imigration numbers to the US

Student Visa

America’s educational system is one of the best in the World and this has attracted thousands of international students globally.

Students after completion of their programs can gain legal residents in the US, this is one of the easiest ways of immigrating to the United States.

Investors Visas

Business people and investors who have shown willingness to invest into the economy of the United States qualifies for this stream.

Asylum Seekers

People suffering from persecution in their home country because of their political opinions, religion, and ethnicity can migrate to the United States through the Asylum program

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