Different Types of Canada Visa

Do you wish to visit Canada? Entering Canada requires a legal permit (Visa) legalizing your stay either temporarily or permanently, without it your stay in Canada is illegal. Knowing the visa that is right for you is crucial and applying for a visa without proper information could delay the process.

The demand for immigrant and tourist Canada visa has been on a steady increase, this is not uncommon as Canada’s economy is one of the best in the world and one of the safest place to live and work.

However, Visa application could be onerous if you lack guidance, but armed with the right information, the complex process could be simplified.

There are many ways of obtaining a visa depending on what suits your immigration objective and there are two types of Canada visa includes the Permanent, Temporary Visas.

Temporary Visa

As the name implies, this visa category gives the holder permission to stay in Canada for a specific period of time. The single entry visa allows the person to stay in Canada for up to 6 months, while multiple entries allow multiple entries until the expiration of their visa.

The 3 main categories under the temporary visa

  • Study permit: Canada’s educational system is one of the best in the world, because of its quality and research-based model thousands of international students throng the Canadian border. There is also high graduate employability upon completion of the academic studies. However, you do not need a study permit if your studying for less than 6 months.
  • Work permit: Aside from the fact that Canadian work experience is one of the major factors in permanent residency considerations, the Canadian robust economy thrives on immigration. The work permit allows the immigrant to work for a Canadian employer within the time allocated in the visa.
  • Visitor visa: Canada offers plenty of attractive and historical sites and is a major tourist destination. Thousands of tourist visit Canada annually because of its aesthetic appeal and multicultural society. Visitors to Canada must obtain a visitor’s visa also known as temporary resident visa (TRV) to legalize their brief stay in Canada, and complete compliance of the visa terms is expected of you.

Permanent Visa

Permanent Visas allows the holder to live and work in work indefinitely. The benefits of a permanent residency are incredible, and there are different ways of applying for a permanent residency in Canada.

Express Entry

The Express Entry is an immigration selection process to select qualified immigrants based on skills, work experience, education and age. There are different streams under the express entry, and knowing the right one for you will simplify the application process.

Federal Skilled trades program (FSTP): This stream is for qualified tradespeople in an occupation such as Carpenters
Aircraft Mechanics
Crane Operators
Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics
Plumbers, etc.

Federal Skilled Worker Program: This stream is for foreign professionals whose skills or occupations are in demand in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program: Provinces nominates candidates in the express entry pool whose occupation or skills is needed in the province, additionally, the candidate must show interest to reside in the province.

Canadian Experience Class: This stream is for students and workers on a temporary basis who wish to switch to permanent resident status.

Other Canadian Permanent Visas

Immigrant Investor visa: The investor program is for people willing to invest and readiness to invest at least $400,000 into the economy.
Startup Visa: Individuals willing to invest around $300,000 qualifies for this visa stream.

Self-employed visa: This immigration stream is for individuals who have demonstrated financial ability and skills in business, athletics and farming and can start their own business.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP):  The province of Quebec have a provincial nomination program independent of the Federal express entry. Individuals with the required skills and occupation are nominated through the unique immigration stream. French language proficiency is a major consideration.

Family-Sponsorship Program: Dependent and spouses of Canadian citizens or Permanent Citizens are allowed to immigrate to Canada permanently through family sponsorship.

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