Applying For Australia Visa: Facts you should know!

Australia is one of the most popular destination in global migration, and yearly the Australian immigration authorities receives thousands of work, student, family and migrant visas application but sadly thousands of those applications are rejected.

Most rejections will be refused based on ineligibility and in some cases fraud, but a considerable number will be denied due to simple avoidable mistakes or misunderstandings,

Visa application is a complex process, though the Australian immigration portal is designed to be “do it yourself” it is advisable to hire an immigration expert to help expedite the process and avoid avoidable and costly mistakes.

The application process is time and money consumuing and a rejected visa applciation seems like wasted investment. Yearly people end up wasting thousands of dollars on the application fees.

Every prospective immigrants who wish to immigrate to Australia must first consider the visa type that suits his/her immigration objectives inorder to avoid delays.

Armed with the proper information, the complex process could be simplied in this few guide in getting your visa approved.

Provide Evidence

Certain visas categories requires a lot of substantial evidences (documents) like the Work, Business and Family Visas categories.

If you are applying for a Business visa, you have to prove your assests holdings which involves a lot of paperworks, Work experience and qualifications for the Work visa has to be demonstrated. It is very crucial to gather the supporting documents and submit alonside your application.

Tax returns, bank records and pay-slips are evidences that can back up your previous employment claims, and if you worked for 10 weeks, it is advisable to present 10 different payslips if your earningsare paid weekly.

Be Accurate

Most applications are rejected because of small avoidable mistakes, hence the need for accuracy.

Australian immigration authorities expects you to be thorough in your application due to the huge numbers of applications they receive annualy, they have very little time to sort out your mistakes.

Ensure every detail you submit online tallies with your documents to avoid misrepresentation.

Be Organised

Arranging your documents in a chronological order and highlighting relevant sections can make the application process a whole lot easier and faster for both the assessor and the applicant.

When you are organized and coherent, you have simplified the job for the assessor and he may become relaxed and lenient.

having your forms in a disorganised manner will ultimately delay both your time and the assessor’s which could end badly. Disorganization is a bad tool in the box, it is best we leave it behind.

Ensure You Apply For The Right Visa

Knowing the right visa should be the first consideration of every prospective immigrant. You cannot come in on a tourist visa and expect to stay permanently, doing so is a breach of your immigration obligation which could hamper your future applications.

It is advisable to confirm eligibility before applying for any visa, as this would save you time and money. If you desire to stay in Australia permanently, you should not come in as a tourist and expect to become a permanent resident.

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