Applying For Australia Permanent Residency VISA

Australia is a major destination for immigrants due to its friendly immigration policies, beautiful breathtaking scenery and robust economy. Yearly Australia offers thousands of Permanent Residency Visa to qualified candidates, and there are several ways to immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident.

Immigration is crucial to the Australian economy, hence the need for economic immigrants who will impact positively on the economy.

Australia immigration selection system is point based and eligibility for permanent residency is based on accumulated points.

There are various ways you can immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident which include

Family-Based Australian permanent residency, and

the Skill-Based Australian Permanent Residency etc.

Benefits Of Permanent Residency In Australia

There are numerous benefits of becoming a Permanent Resident, you get to enjoy most benefits as Australian citizens such as:

  • You can live and work in Australia on a permanent basis
  • You can apply for citizenship after spending the required years on permanent residency status.
  • You can leave and enter Australia within a period of five years before renewal
  • Permanent residents enjoy most benefits as Australian citizens such as access to subsidized legal and health services
  • As a permanent resident, you can sponsor your relatives and loved ones to Australia having fulfilled the residency requirements and proof of support.
  • As a permanent resident in Australia, you have the right to apply for consular assistance abroad
  • Children of permanent residents born within Australia will be considered Australian citizens by birth
  • As a permanent resident of Australia, you can travel, study and work in New Zealand without a visa, after the approval of the New Zealand government.

Australia Permanent Resident Major Requirements

There are several important requirements when applying for Australian Permanent Residency and failure to provide these important requirements could see your application denied.

Arrange The Following Documents

The following documents are vital to your PR application.

  • Passport
  • English test score
  • Skill Assessment report
  • Birth Certificate
  • Recent passport sized photographs
  • Educational qualifications
  • Marriage certificate (for married applicants)
  • Relationship documents (For de facto relationships, provide evidence that you have been in the relationship for at least 12
  • months)
  • Divorced/Widowed (If anyone in the application is widowed or divorced, it is essential to provide a death certificate or divorce papers)
  • Health and Character Requirement
  • Evidence of parental custody
  • Employment Reference (Evidence of past skilled employment or self-employment)
  • Application form

Choosing The Right Visa That Suits Your Immigration Objective

Choosing the right visa category is a major factor, as choosing the wrong visa may see your application denied. Subclass 189 (Non-sponsored visa), Subclass 190 (State nominated visa) Subclass 186 (Employer nominated visa) etc are the most common PR visa categories.

Selecting An Occupation From SOL

You will have to select an occupation from the Australian Skilled occupation list (SOL). If you are applying for a state nominated visa, you will have to choose from the list of eligible occupation of the particular Australian state you have shown interest, while if you are applying for the non-sponsored visa, you must choose from the SOL list.

Health and Character Report

Australians are famed for their polite and friendly nature, you have to submit a report showing you are of good health and character.

Applying For Australian Permanent Residency

As stated earlier, Australia immigration selection is point based, you will have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Australian SkillSelect online portal. Points will be awarded based on your age, work experience, English language proficiency and education. You have to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify.

You will receive an invitation to apply Permanent Residency visa if your profile is selected, ensure you submit the application alongside the aforementioned documents to the immigration office within 60 days you received the invitation.

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